Hello 2021!

Hi everyone! Hope your year has started off well and healthy! I’m back from enjoying a little break from this baby of mine! I don’t usually share personal stories on here but hey, it may help someone!

Last year was the best year for me in many ways, including my business getting off to a great start. I’m so grateful for all the love and support I've been shown and for the advice I’ve gotten from other small business owners who I now consider friends (even though circumstances have meant we can’t actually meet!)

But in all honesty, by the end of 2020 I felt overwhelmed, exhausted and a bit like ‘what the hell just happened?!’ I decided to take a break to understand what was going on. So many people less fortunate than me had an awful year and although mine went pretty well I also had to realise and appreciate that in 2020 my whole world changed. Within the last year, I left a career behind that I loved and worked extremely hard in to get to where I was - I went from super busy PR agency life where I interacted with so many people worldwide every single day to being the only employee in my new business. My relationships with friends and family changed and evolved in ways I didn’t expect. I started a business after having an initial idea 5 weeks earlier and even built a whole website! I got so busy with it that I never stopped to take stock of all the changes that had played out.

Sometimes I find I’m being really hard on myself whether it’s about sales, followers, product lines..or even my Instagram grid aesthetic 😂 then I realise I’m being silly and so this year is going to be about pushing forward, accepting change, celebrating the wins and enjoying my business🙌🏽

Sharing this pic of myself because sometimes life is messy and beautiful at the same time and I no longer care what my grid looks like!

Having this time was exactly what I needed and I’m ready to get this year started for Yellow Elephants Co! I’ve done a whole reorganisation and tidy of my office and I can’t wait to show you all the new products I’ve been working on!💛🐘

Sending love and light to all, 


Founder, Yellow Elephants Co