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I have always lived by my motto of giving gifts that have meaning, rather than giving something or anything simply for the sake of doing so! The feeling of giving a gift that evokes excitement and joy in the recipient and seeing their face light up when they open it is one of the best feelings. Over the years I’ve loved supporting small businesses with my personal gifting needs and have purchased a wide range of beautiful gifts and keepsakes from those small businesses. However, at times I felt there was something missing and, coming from a vibrant Asian background, I wanted to find meaningful gifts that really stood out and spoke to my ethnicity too.

I decided to create something that filled the gap and, with a little inspiration from my elephant-loving nephew, Yellow Elephants Co was born!

I personally oversee every part of the business and put the utmost care, love and attention-to-detail into each product that is created for our clients.

Since establishing in early 2020, we have reached some exciting milestones and are looking forward to achieving much more as we expand and grow our product lines.

I’d like to thank all of our supporters for making this possible and for never failing to cheer us on!

We can’t wait to create for you!

Ushma - Founder